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Simply Flipping


Learn how to grow your furniture flipping business with personalized coaching!


Want to start furniture flipping and not sure where to start or do you currently flip furniture and are stuck on how to grow your business?

We have great news!!!

You'r in the right place!

We've spent the last 8 years growing our furniture flipping business and making lots of mistakes along the way...

Can you relate? But our loss is your gain...

With our personalized coaching we can help you get from A to Z faster.

Your not alone, many furniture flippers have thought...

How do I work with brands?

How can I receive free products from brands?

How much do I charge?

I don't want to give it away!

What do I post on social media?

How much is too
Candy Cotton

Your questions need answers and they need answers fast! Like not tomorrow...

but yesterday!

Whether your trying to sell just a few pieces of furniture so you can afford to pay for your kids extra curricular activities or making it your full time income you don't have time to be stuck on questions you need answered.

And we all need a little encouragement along the way.

So what do you have to loose?

Simply Flipping Furniture

Our personalized and one-on-one coaching call will give you the tools and encouragement to help you make forward momentum in your business!


What's Included?

Our one-on-one zoom call can focus on areas like...

How to identify your pain point, what's holding you back and how to move forward.

Website and/or social media reviews

One of our favorite parts of coaching! You need fresh eyes on your business! We'll give you honest feedback and what can help your buyers take the steps to a sale. 

How to create engagement with social media

We'll help you create more engagement on social media increasing buyers eyes on your products.

Tips on how to increase sales

We'll give you tips and tricks like photography and staging help, where to find furniture to flip, how to price it and much more.

How to get custom work

Custom work is more profitable, you are able to charge more and you wont need to list those pieces and wait for a sale.

How to work with brands

By working with different brands you are able to create more opportunities for additional income. 

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