Candy Cotton


with Mark and Jennifer Allen

SPRAYING FURNITURE 101 PLUS is set up into 12 video modules
and helpful downloadable PDF's.
Once the course is paid for you will have access to all of the modules and PDF's
so can go through them at your own pace. 

What's included in the course?

Paint sprayer set-up

We’ll go over the pros and cons of different sprayer options to fit your budget and what we use and why. 

Where to find furniture and how much to pay for it. 

You’ll learn helpful tools to find furniture and how much to pay for it. 

How to pick a style/color

This is where you’ll learn how to choose a direction for your pieces and not get stuck over thinking it. 

How to prep furniture

We’ll share what we’ve learned over the years of prepping furniture so you can avoid as many issues as possible.  

How to prime and paint

Here’s the heart of the coarse and the secret to no brush strokes! You’ll learn how to use your paint gun with different techniques and learn paint mix ratios.

Sealing Furniture

We call this the icing on the cake!

You’ll learn how to use your sprayer to achieve a smooth and brush free finish. 


How to easily clean your spray gun 

Learn how to clean your gun so it’ll be ready for the next piece. Tip... Its not that hard!


Staging and Photography/Editing

Learn how to easily stage and photograph your hard work to look it’s best.


Listing your furniture for sale

How and where to sell


How to grow

Learn helpful tips on how to grow your business and following including connecting with potential customers. 

Get all of this for only $129

You will also receive downloadable PDFs that you can customize for your business including...

Work Order for custom or commission work 

Vision Plan helping create a plan for each piece of furniture 

Contract for Custom Furniture Painting